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  • Discover Season 1's New Arrivals

    This is our very first collection. We are offering limited quantity items that we hope you can grow to love! We believe in taking our time to design new pieces and will offer simple but unique apparel.

    Come Take A Look! 
  • We Value You

    We understand what it's like to not get what you deserve. Therefore, it is our obligation to provide excellent service in order to fulfill your needs.

  • Perspective

    Lyones, a brand that practices being unique. Therefore, these shorts are not only for athletic performance, but also for leisure!


Our shorts are one of a kind and give a relaxed-lightweight feel.

True Colors?

We know they look good but we actually want you to wear our shorts and not just look at them.

  • Collaboration?

    Send us an DM/Email with a picture of you wearing our shorts to be featured on our website!